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Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy for teaching dance focuses on five central values: interdisciplinary, culturally relevant, interpersonal, student-centered, and



The experience of learning dance is always multidimensional and intersectional, whether it takes place in a lecture classroom or a studio, remote or face-to-face, synchronous or asynchronous. This is reflected in class populations that include multiple careers, cultures, skill levels, and multiple types of prior experiences in dance. These ideas strongly inform my pedagogy, and drive me to develop class environments that are critical, inquisitive, supportive, and safe.


Alexa Young, CA

"Kossler's 'Through The Valley' is the emotional core of "Identities." From Kossler's subtle choreography to the music she selected from Mumford & Sons to the talents of dancers Kailey Baez, Skylar Fielder, Cassady Lake, Lasana Murphy, Maya Tupek to the echo of the spray of flowers landing on the stage, 'Through the Valley' is a resilient message for troubled times. The dance is memorialized 'in loving memory of Lauren Elizabeth Kossler, 1954-2021.' It is a fitting end to the first session of the show."
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